As Jacksonville’s only dedicated mixed martial arts gym, we offer tailored classes for fitness-conscious adults, lorazepam iv half life buy valium manchester tramadol hcl cf capsule 50mg top-ranked MMA fighters - even kids and families.

  • Our clean, top-of-the-line facility is family-friendly and welcoming to anyone, no matter your skill and fitness level.
  • As the winner of the 2015 Best of the Beaches MMA Award, 2015 Submission of the Year Award and others, we have the best training facilities in the state, not to mention the only dedicated MMA gym in Jacksonville.
  • Our coaches are top pros with the ability to push you to improve while keeping each class safe, interesting, and fun.

Amy Trosher

More Help “Friendly. Fun. Inspiring. My 8 year old is LOVING IT, and she's inspired us to go too. Best workout ever! Staff is amazing and facility is nice and family friendly.”

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Brian Smith

xanax se da fara reteta buy xanax thailand xanax utilité “Superior training in life and health with world-class athletes. Ludus is a great place to learn what's really worth fighting for. Highly recommended, check them out today!”


everyone can find the right class for their needs at ludus

lorazepam normon half life of valium 10mg does valium work Our students join Ludus for many different reasons. Find Out More We respect that, which is why we offer a wide variety of classes at every level.

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tramadol otc mexico order online shopping for soma prescription can you take tramadol and xanax Ludus has tailored MMA classes specifically for you.

3mg xanax street price what is the street value of valium 10mg tramadol 100mg extended release It can be difficult for adults to find a way to stay in shape that is interesting and fits into a busy life. Ludus MMA offers you a chance to stay fit in a family-friendly environment while challenging yourself in new, exciting ways.

clues We guarantee that every single visit to Ludus will give you a great, well-rounded workout and be:
  • Exciting: We offer the widest variety of classes with the maximum calorie burn.
  • Safe: We’ve never had a single serious injury at Ludus MMA and won’t start now.
  • Professional Coaches: Our coaches aren’t just top fighters; not, they’re excellent teachers, so you’ll easily learn top technique.
  • High-Energy: MMA’s a full-body workout. Whether you’ve never done MMA before or you’re a pro, you'll get moving Day 1.

On this page MMA's the fastest-growing sport in the world, and kids are begging their parents to try a class. We think starting a kid in martial arts is a great way to get them moving and improve their self-esteem.

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tramadol affect pregnancy test klonopin discounted abstinencia lorazepam When your family joins the Ludus community, we promise your kid's experiences will be:

find here
  • Confidence-building: Your child's social skills, school perfomance, and confidence transform when they discover new abilities.
  • Safe: We've never had a single serious injury at Ludus because safefy is our #1 priority, especially for our kids.
  • Quality Supervision: We always have 6 or 7 qualified coaches supervising each class, rather than 1 or 2 coaches at most gyms.
  • Fun: We know how quickly kids get bored of the same stuff, so each class is unique. Classes include all martial arts, not just Jiu Jutsu masquerading as MMA like most gyms.

Data If your are looking to become a champion MMA fighter, Ludus can help you get there, whether you are just starting out as an amateur or an MMA professional fighter.

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phentermine update buy soma without prescription lorazepam order alprazolam We offer our fighters:

Discover More
  • The Best Coaches: Ludus MMA is one of the only gyms with specialty pro coaches in every area, so you'll be prepped for it all.
  • Top-of-the-Line Facilities: Get access to quality training equipment whenever you want, not just during classes.
  • Lots of Opportunities for Sponsorship and Promotion: Ludus MMA's strong reputation for winning means our fighters have once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for sponsorship and promotion.
  • Chances to Compete with the Best Fighters: Train with some of the top fighters in the state. We even have connections all the way up to the UFC.

Christopher C.

link “Great facility owned and operated by great people! No matter what your discipline or level of experience these guys have programs in place catered to you..5 stars”

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Corey Miller “This MMA gym is top notch with elite trainers! To be the best you must train with the best .”

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come and try a ludus mma class free!

A lot more We want to make sure that Ludus MMA is the right fit for you before asking you to commit to a membership. xanax detox drink no prescription next day delivery soma does valium cause tremors That’s why we’d like to offer you a tramadol 319 vs 377 buy soma in montgomery adipex walgreens price FREE ONE-DAY PASS to our gym.

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