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Visit Your URL Find out what classes are available when by exploring our CALENDAR HERE . http://www.nbaldrich.com/media/images/squa1652/ Click on any class to find out more details about what you’ll learn and who’s teaching.


Kids’ MMA

http://www.nbaldrich.com/media/images/squa3612/ The Recommended Kids’ MMA class teaches Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and much more in a safe, supported environment. Your children will develop self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and greater respect for others. These benefit your children both on the mat and in everyday life.


lorazepam most common side effects prozac valium online tramadol pregnancy safety Even more Key Features:

  • MMA techniques
  • Fun circuit training
  • Assorted games and exercises

Look At This http://www.nbaldrich.com/media/images/squa4773/ Benefits:

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  • Increased self-discipline
  • Improved team-building skills
  • Better bully control and communication skills

Private Training

xanax in uk valium 5mg street price alprazolam success stories http://www.nbaldrich.com/media/images/squa2356/ Private Training is where our champions cater to your personal needs and wants. Ludus offers all forms of private training, for whatever, you as the student may want. With private training the focus is solely on your growth and development. This types of training will offer the chance to excel much faster than in a group setting. Inquire further if you're interested in growing at an exponential rate.


http://www.nbaldrich.com/media/images/squa2324/ na tramadol xanax bars for sale online gabapentin and tramadol interactions Key Features:

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  • No distractions from your training
  • Instructors for any training you want
  • Completely private for you

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  • One on One interaction
  • Custom tailored to you needs
  • Works with your availability schedule
  • You decide who you want to work directly with


Details http://www.nbaldrich.com/media/images/squa703/ Ludus Martial Arts has the best competition team in Jacksonville. We train across all martial arts disciplines and compete in MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling tournaments, as well as kickboxing and Muay Thai contests across the U.S. Every coach at Ludus Martial Arts is either a current or former competitor, so they are well-qualified to teach at the competition level and address the many questions raised by new competitors.

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come and try a ludus mma class free!

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